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Today I came across this beautiful card with this profound message by a dear beautiful woman…. it goes like this…. :

‘Dearest Sole, 

Thank you so Sole Satiammuch for inviting me to join your workshop ‘Magdalen’s Heart’. It has been such a healing experience to be part of this group of beautiful women and to be part of the journey that you opened up for each one of us.

I think I can truly say that I have never before experienced such a gentle intimacy in a workshop and also the strength and healing space that you enabled for women to deeply share together.

I have ever only glimpsed the power and strength of embodiment of our deep feminine..

The music that you chose to accompany the insightful choreography of the day was so attuned to the processes we were touching into that I felt an inner movement in response which gave me the feeling of being present in a very real way. 

May your work be ever blesses in Sacredness and Love.

Valerie Yule


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