The motivation to come to an individual session can vary. Some people want to reduce stress levels, reduce physical or emotional suffering or undertake life style changes. Some others might be looking for a physical/spiritual practice or for some “hands on” energy healing.

Whatever is your intention, Sole Satya facilitates a space where you are always comfortable and where there is a possibility for positive changes.

Prior to your first booking Sole also offers a FREE 10 minutes phone consultation- by arrangement


Being part of a conscious physical-spiritual group practice is a very enriching experience, which can help us to feel inspired and motivated.

Sole Satya has been a group facilitator for many years and she personally finds group work extremely rewarding.

Online Therapy

Spiritual Mentoring with Obsidian Therapy and/or Liberation the Remedy

Obsidian Medicine is a form of Cellular Reprogramming therapeutic work started by Ana Silvia Serrano in Mexico. Following a special therapeutic protocol with different obsidian geometries, we can gradually free and integrate our unconscious, our shadow and our lives.

Massage Tuition

Would you like to have more confidence and creativity while giving your partner or friends a massage? Would you like to learn basic massage strokes and proper body mechanics so that you won’t get tired while giving your massage?   Tailor-made two/three hour’s tuition sessions for 2 people:

  • Choose one/two massage areas of your choice: Head and shoulders, face, back, legs, abdomen, feet, hands
  • Learn how to adapt to your environment. On the couch, chair or sitting or lying on the floor.
  • Basic and effective massage strokes, easy to remember and so healing to give and receive.
  • Non-certified


8A George Street, Stroud

Session PricesPrior to your first booking Sole Satya offers a FREE 10 minutes phone consultation- by arrangement
  • 180 mins Massage Tuition £150
  • 120 mins Massage Tuition £100
  • 120 mins Lomi Lomi Nui Ceremony £120
  • 120 mins Energy Healing and Spiritual Coaching £95
  • 120 mins Yoga and Ayurvedic Bodywork £90
  • 120 mins Ayurvedic Massage Therapy £90
  • 90 mins Yoga and Ayurveda Bodywork/Ayurvedic Life Style coaching- £85
  • 60 mins Head, Back and Shoulders Ayurvedic Bodywork £60
  • 60 mins Reiki Energy Healing £60