Magdalen’s Heart- A Summer Retreat for Women, Avebury, UK- Sold Out

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Magdalen’s Heart- A Summer Retreat for Women, Avebury, UK- Sold Out
Salisbury Hill. Women's Retreat
avebury march
Ritual, Dance and Yoga Flow

We are going to celebrate the Summer and ourselves at Avebury, one of the most powerful ancient sites in the World.

When doing Ritual, Yoga or any other physic-spiritual practice in a sacred site, the results in your bio-energetic field are much more potent. Still in the energy of the Solstice (21st of June) we will take this opportunity to do very enlightening and rejuvenating practices.

You are probably feeling the strong cosmic energies building up, so what about meeting with a group of incredible women, and celebrate and honour the Divine Feminine in Avebury? We will use the power of Music, Dance, Ritual and Flower and Wood Essences to go deep into our bodies and dream our future into being.

Mary Magdalene will be our guide into the exquisite realms of the Sacred Feminine.

For more info please go to the events page.

If you have the chance to join one of Sole’s sacred retreats, don’t let it slip through your fingers, grab it! You’re about to be taken on the journey of a lifetime. So, hang on tight! The Equinox Mary Magdalen’s retreat in Avebury was really special, almost timeless, or maybe that was just the feeling of wanting to be nowhere other than savouring that moment. Most of us met for the first time that weekend. Guided by Sole’s shining light, we laughed together, danced together, opened our eyes and unearthed together. We witnessed each other’s vulnerabilities, together. Letting go of everything that was holding us back from pleasure, we embraced the power and beauty of the feminine. By the end of the day, we were no longer just a group of females that had come together, we were more consciously connected to each other on the path to honouring our truth. Wonderful. Thank you Sole J.                                                                                                  Lucy S. , Marketing Manager, UK

In the meantime I leave you with Her music... by Tom Kenyon

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Karmageddon and Jeff BrownCrop Circle Avebury 2015