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Mary Magdalena, Patriarchy and Osiris, the Obsidian Egg

A Workshop with Ana Silvia Serrano, Glastonbury, UK

In Today’s World, many of us feel deep regret for all the aggression and the lack of love which has been shown for our planet Earth.
We have been listening to and debating many proposals as to how we can bring about the change which we really need in order to continue our lives in harmony with each other and with this precious planet which is our home.
This workshop helps us how to understand this moment in our lives, how we have arrived at this point, but also presents a way to deal with an inner change which women have yet to achieve.

The ‘Obsidian Geometries’ offer a methodology which includes an energetic work which can effect changes upon the chakras, archetypal work for women which goes deep into the collective psyche and an emotional approach which will enable us to change the current systems of belief that rule our lives.

* The origins of the Patriarchy on planet earth

* The mistaken history of women though different periods of their lives

* The importance of, and the vanishing phenomenon of Mary Magdalene in the lives of women

* The emergence of the archetypes and their importance in our lives- The Slave, The little girl, the Whore and the Sinister Mother

* Obsidian Geometries: omi, ixtli, Osiris

* How these can help us to change our reality

* Methodology for use

* Contra-indications

*Effects of each one upon our physical and emotional bodies

44a High Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9DX


After the Workshop we will have a Ceremony for Mary Magdalene at Magdalen’s Chappel: 7-9PM

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Ana Silvia Serrano, was born in Mexico City. Bachelors degree in Political and Social Science. Master in Psycho-Bioenergetic Therapy. Founder of the “International Society of Obsidian Therapists Ana Silvia Serrano”*S.C. (2009)*. Researcher, Master Teacher and Specialised Therapist in Quantum Medicine with Quartz Crystals and Obsidian. She gives Workshops, Seminars, Professional Certification and Masters in the Obsidian Geometries Healing System, recognised by the Mexican Government Department of Health. Author of the book “Obsidian, Sacred Healing Crystal” (2004), Ed. Continente (2012), co-author of “The Great Book of Gemmotherapy”, ed. Vedrá, Spain 2005 and “Osiris, the Obsidian Egg”, 2006. reed. Continente (2010), Argentina.**

* Sociedad Internacional de Terapeutas de Obsidiana “Ana Silvia Serrano” S.C. (2009)
** Please note these titles are only available in Spanish language.
“Obsidiana, Piedra Sagrada de Sanación” 2004, reed. Continente (2012), “Gran Libro de la Gemoterapia, editorial Vedrá, España 2005 y “Osiris, El Huevo de Obsidiana”, 2006, reed. Continente (2010), Argentina.

Myth, Archetype and the Obsidian EggBy Ana Silvia SerranoIn my book “Osiris, The Obsidian Egg” (Serrano, 2004), the work that I propose with Osiris, The Obsidian Egg contemplates another angle from where we can explore what it means to be healthy and what it means to heal those problems in the physical body that translate into “women’s disease” like myomas, cysts, endometriosis, cervical cancer and others.
I highlight that Osiris doesn’t heal just because it is inserted in the vagina, we must look into the psycho-energetic aspect. Osiris helps us to heal as women who are connecting with our memories.
As its volcanic memory proposes, the Obsidian allows the “eruption” of all memories that have been buried inside our being, as energy, emotions and thoughts to emerge.
These emerging emotions have an ancestral origin that belong to each individual and at the same time obey our own particular part in the collective tapestry, which includes each and everyone of us on the planet just as the Mayans say: “Ina Kech, Alen Ken”, which means “I am your other You”
Coming from the principle that all disease has its origin in the emotions (those that haven’t been lived or felt), when we come in contact with them, we have the potential of coming back to a sense of well being, to equilibrium.
The archetypes are all those energetic structures that form the lived memories of humanity on the Earth. These archetypes are to be “downloaded” as data, which translate the soul’s emotions and bring the consciousness that can understand them. For those who resonate with this archetype, one will be ready to learn, feel and embody this knowledge.
This archetypal work has the goal of showing us the myth, rite or historical character in which we have been trapped at some point in our lives (within this emotional memory) without being able to know it, as this information is in the personal unconscious, but also in the collective unconscious. The archetype acts then as a bridge from our personal reality to our collective unconscious.
Given this situation on Earth, we have the discovery made by Carl G. Jung almost a century ago, where this tool allows us to learn, to know and dive in our psyche releasing those memories. Being able to know them we can walk along the conscious path of knowing, following where our soul needs to go.
The therapeutic work of the Obsidian Egg that I have named Osiris, allows us to come in contact with these memories that have been trapped in the shadow (unconscious) and through projection of the psychic qualities of this magic crystal, the patient is able to “take out” that which “has been trapped inside”, either connected to this life’s path or from past lives, depending on the personal work of each individual.
I always recommend that to dive into this therapeutic practice, you read the suggested book, where I mention in an extensive and precise manner the methodology, the directions of use, prognostics and contraindications.
Osiris is a deity and because of its dimensionality, can through the psycho-energetic work help us to transit the freedom of those chains that in an ancestral way bind us. We can see how it is a great step to the development and evolution of Women.

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