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november, 2015

29nov10:30 am5:30 pm▲ The Obsidian Geometries in Preventive Medicine- Workshop ▲“Healing for the energetic body for all”, UK


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Ana Silvia Serrano, founder of the International Obsidian Therapist Society “Ana Silvia Serrano S.C”, recognised by the Ministry of Education of the Mexican Government. Author of ‘Obsidian, the sacred healing stone” (2004), co-author of “The Great Book of Gem Therapy” (2005) and “Osiris, the Obsidian Egg” (2007).

The good functioning of the Chakras, Nadis and Meridians which conforms the Energetic Human System is the foundation of Preventive Medicine. These are in charge of giving life energy and translate the correct information to the physical organs and systems. The Obsidian Geometries have certain healing properties which cleanse, tune up and reconfigure the celular memory at the molecular level.
In this workshop, we will show how to work with the Medical Obsidian Geometries in order to avoid illness through liberating the interfering fields – entities, plasmation, memories and emotions which block the free flow of energy in the physical body.

Preventive Geometries description: Omi, Ixtli, and Osiris
Obsidian healing properties
Symbol, myth and archtype
Repercussions on the Energetic Human System
Methodology of the therapeutic use
Diagnosis and medical cases


Place: Centre Centre for the Science and Art, 13 Lansdown, , GL5 1BB, Stroud, UK
Time: 10.30- 5.30
Information: Sole Satya


(Sunday) 10:30 am - 5:30 pm


Centre for Science and Art- (Golden Room)

13 Lansdown


Sole Satyasole@havvah.org 0787 042 9501

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