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october, 2015

31oct10:00 am5:00 pmFeaturedSacred Chocolate Samhain RetreatCacao, Dance and Journey into the Mysteries of the Feminine , Avebury, England


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Samhain is a time when the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural worlds dissolved. It is a festival of the dead, the past year, and the end of a complete cycle on the Celtic Wheel of life. It is a time of purification, with the burning of effigies that symbolised the terrors of the past, and all the trouble and fearful mind.
We will be given the opportunity of purify our minds and bodies with the help of the Goddess Ixcacao. We will journal, dance, journey and pray together with the intention of gathering all the Love and teachings of the past, and start this new cycle FRESH, VITAL and CLEAR*
What people say about Sole’s retreats:
“Sole, thank you again for holding such a deep, truly magical space over the last year… in all the world, it is such a special and precious gift that you have given to so many. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, raw beauty and lucid power with us, and in this thank you for teaching us to become more of ourselves, unafraid and true. Have a summer full with peace, fun and all good things! ” Izabel Broad, Chef, UK

“I always find it difficult to describe Sole. I think a facilitator makes her sound like the leader of a team building exercise. But with Sole the team would consist of you alone and the exercise would be building a bridge between your outer shell and your innermost essential nature, allowing you access to great love, wisdom and insight.
Yoga teacher – yes. But not in the one dimensional asanas and pranayama we have come to know yoga as in the West. Her teaching is beyond the physical. I have never really felt that she was teaching me, more that she was helping me to remember.
As a young feminist it is easy to engage with feminist issues on an intellectual, philosophical and practical level because the inequality is so obvious. But what is so fascinating about Sole’s work is that she goes way beyond engaging the mind and puts you in touch with the patriarchy within. This type of work is incredibly important and invaluable. Change must start within.
As a group we begin to peel off 6500 years worth of condemnation, shame, guilt and fear through movement, sound, smell, touch and feeling. It’s exquisite. It’s divine. It’s passionate. It’s raw. It’s all woman.
It’s all ages.
And it’s unbelievably fun. You should join us!”
Elsie Harp, Artist and thinker

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Price: £77.




(Saturday) 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Avebury Hall


Sole 0787 042 9501

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