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Crop Circle Avebury 2015
Crop Circle at Avebury June 2015
Crop Circle Avebury 2015

Some of Avebury Crop Circles, June 2015

Images ©  MrGyro




In 2013 in a conversation with the Wise Man, Astrologer and Shaman Steve Nelson he told me that Crop Circles are  not made from above but from below…. this completely blew my mind away. This Magician from North Carolina, was telling me something that challenged my believes around Crop Circles and everything else…. Could really the Earth Intelligence be communicating with us through these magnificent visual formations? I have been contemplating this possibility ever since. Studying the work of Richard Leviton on Geomancy and Ancient Wisdom and understanding how Avebury is the umbilical cord of the Earth, I believe that what Steve told me could be more than a possibility. When looking into things like this, where you are walking in between worlds, your own intuition and awareness of the subtleties of nature’s language is key to access the Mystery.

For the next few weeks I will explore the different crop circles close to me. I am lucky enough I live in an area of UK which is close enough to Wiltshire and Somerset, where there are many of them.  I would like to thank MrGyro for creating the grate app, the Crop Circle Locator with all the information and updates you need to locate these beauties.

I can only say “Watch the space I will be back soon…”

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