Sole Satiam Paz-Terriza

havvah . org   founder

I was born in Jerez, Spain and completed a BA (Hons) in Business Studies & MA in Marketing and Public Relations. An existential crisis triggered by a tragic accident acted as a catalyst to discover my true passions: healing and mysticism.

After the accident, I left Spain and went to Ireland. While working for an American company in Dublin I started Yoga and mysticism studies until the time came when I could no longer ignore a calling to completely immerse myself in spiritual practice. Leaving my business career, I went on a pilgrimage to India and Nepal. It was not easy to leave everything behind, but the call was stronger than anything I had ever experienced before… I had to answer it.

Ever since, I have invested all my resources in the study and practice of different disciplines and traditions. I am especially interested in women’s health and in the study of embodiment disciplines such as massage, sound, yoga and dance. I believe that the keys for healing are in our bodies, therefore it is fundamentally necessary to bring consciousness into the body.

Teacher, researcher and therapist specialised in Obsidian and Crystal Therapy Light and Shadow work, Ayurvedic and Hawaiian massage therapy, Yoga, Dance, Angelic and Shamballa Reiki, and Merkabah Meditation. Studies and works in Spain, UK and Mexico. Founder of

Areas of study

Obsidian & Crystal Therapist
Sacred Cacao Medicine
Kundalini Massage
Dance & Yoga
Reiki Energy Healing
Ayurvedic Massage Therapy
Lomi Lomi Nui Massage Ceremony
Massage Tuition
Women’s Circles
Vibrational Essences

Daisy Finer, Spa and Health Editor, Conde Nast Traveller,

“I’ve never met anyone like Sole before. She is a High Priestess for the Modern Age, yet all the while she is as solid, and as rooted, and as grounded as an ancient gnarly Oak tree. She has the swish of a skirt about her, the bell of an ankle bracelet, the thump of a tribal drum, an impish look of light and life and laughter. She holds a thousand stories; she is a treasure trove of goodness, of goddesses, of philosophers, of shamanic wisdom and ancient religions. She is a woman for all women; a woman who looks to the womb as an eternal chalice of meaning, strength and peace. Which is not to say that she sits with preaching angels. She has as much fire and passion in her as you might find in any holy war. A journey with her is one where she holds you each step of the way, through your deepest insights and your darkest hours. Her work involves not just massage, breath work and yoga but intimate self-questioning – so that you start to look at your inner landscape as a patchwork that draws together the threads of your lineage. Through her teachings you find yourself opening up to a new sense of awareness, respect and acceptance of your Self, as you are, here and now, in this very moment. So that whenever the winds may blow, you stand firm. Transformation comes as easily and as naturally as a snake that sheds its skin, though the way through the jungle may be fraught with obstacles.
Sole nurtures you as one of her own community, but she also gently encourages you to nurture yourself, find space for yourself, indeed find yourself. The quest is not about winning medals or the light bulb moment of enlightenment, the quest is to see and explore the universe within, of which you are the pulsing centre. Through her profound Kahuna bodywork, dance, ceremonies, meditations and wondrous healing, Sole prompts you to find your own heart. Time spent with her is sacred. Every session it feels as if you are peeling off another layer, unravelling the secret mysteries of our life on this planet. And yet, Sole knows all about stepping from this Alpha dream world into the mundane. And herein lies her special touch. She walks with pride and humbleness on the pavement, not up with the fairies – and she can teach the most spirited and soulful of beings how to let their new found consciousness sit seamlessly within the framework of their practical, day-to-day busy-wheel lives. This is something very special indeed. No wonder she sparkles. “