“This approach allows fluidity, lots of fun and laughter and is completely non-competitive. I have always come away invigorated and relaxed, ready to face the world with joy and a deepened undererststanding.”

Awakening the Feminine Consciousness

Havvah is born out of the belief that the natural state of the human is that of well-being.

Due to living in a system where we function by the clock and not by following our natural rhythms, most of us find our physical, emotional and mental health compromised by stress and dysfunctional belief systems.

The new paradigm we are all facing is based on a shift from survival to thriving mode.

We understand the beauty of which Dostoyevsky was referring to when he said “beauty will save the world”.That is the beauty that radiates from within, a beauty that transcends all rules around cultural aesthetics. Your body system is an infinite source of wellness and Havvah has the keys to assist you in such a healing process.