AnamCara Bowen

havvah team USA

My work has always been inspired by my wish to care for and enable others. I have either worked within the healthcare profession, in homes for the elderly, in social care institutions or with young adults in specialist education settings.

I am currently working within the Ruskin Mill Trust as a Transformative Movement educator.

During the time of bringing up my son, I trained in Holistic Massage, Bothmer Gymnastics Movement education and also became a Psychophonetics Counsellor, Coach and Psychotherapist. I have also spent the last 2 years working closely with horses. These incredible beings having called me back home to myself and brought incredible healing.

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My intention has been to enable others to find their deep leadership and discover their unique path of inspiration and expression. Along the way, I have also been teaching myself to do this, finding this much harder than to be there for others.

Now with my son grown up and walking his own path of freedom, I am being called forth to do the same. I have recently started a Master of Science degree course in ‘Practical Skills Therapeutic Education’ and through this I am also developing my skills in teaching Transformative Movement. I have been invited to be part of a new education project for young people with specialist needs, in California. I am both anxious and excited about this future opportunity.

Havvah, has been for me a wonderful invitation into the deep mysteries of the divine feminine. Over the last 2 years, I have been journeying with my sisters into the heart of womb wisdom. This process has changed my life and enabled me to reconnect to my truth and deeper wisdoms. I am excited about this work reaching the hearts of all women, so together we can embody the rising truth of the feminine, whatever this may be!

Maria Angel Costa

havvah team Spain

Maria Angel ‘s commitment is to be of service of the return of the Divine Feminine on Earth, answering the call of the ancient song that lives within us. Every woman is a priestess, and the most powerful doorway to access our rememberance lies deep within our bodies, in our breath, our sacred movement and our original soul song. Embracing the exquisite temple of our body, awakening our connexion to the heartbeat of Gaia.

She facilitates retreats and journeys in the island of Ibiza where she guides women to remember the inner priestess through ritual, inner journey, sacred dance and song and a sensual homecoming to the temple of our feminine body.

Katy Marianne

havvah team UK

Trained as a General Nurse, then as a Mental Health Practitioner specializing in Children and Adolescents, and Family Therapy.

I work privately with families and children with life-limiting conditions and have spent the last fourteen years supporting children in local primary schools.

I draw upon the healing powers of crystals, essential oils, herbs & flowers to create tinctures & ointments for people, plants, places & animals. I tune into & work with the cycles of the moon, with ley lines & Earth energies, in stone circles, woods, by the sea & near water; I have a deep understanding of, & respect for, ancient Pagan ways of worship.
I am committed to my service work and to empowering women not only in their role as mothers, but also in acknowledgement of the Goddess in all women. My connection to Spirit and Nature and to the Oneness of All underpins all the work I do and is the source of the wisdom & healing that guides & sustains me & those I work with.