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Sole Satiam  Paz-Terriza
MSC, BBA, BSc (Hons)

havvah . org   founder

Sole Satiam Teacher Plant Medicine Liberation

The Art of healing

Sole Satiam Paz-Terriza is the founder of Havvah.org.

In her home country Spain, she studied Business Science and moved to Ireland in 2005 to dive into the Celtic tradition. Her experience in Ireland turned into a journey of self-discovery and healing. After this, she left the business world to immerse herself in the study of ancient healing traditions which led Sole to the Healing Arts. Her absolute passion for Plant and Crystal medicine has taken her to travel and live in places like Mexico, France, India and England specialising in shadow process and working in mental hospitals and with groups. She believes we all have the birthright to move from a state of mere survival into a state of thriving existence. She is passionate about assisting her clients moving into this new paradigm. She tailors made your sessions according to your bioenergetic constitution and needs. Sole has trained with the best teachers in numerous healing practices like:


Obsidian Therapy (Shadow Work)

Kundalini Massage Therapy

Crystal Healing Therapy

Ayurvedic Indian Massage Therapy

Kahuna Hawaiian Massage Therapy 

Sound Healing with Gongs

Angelic, Usui and Shamballa Reiki

Merkhaba Meditation

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